Join us for the latest edition of "Facing Up" and meet James, a Humboldt addict who's got it bad. Hooked at an early age, James has struggled with his Humboldt habit for years, and now he...tell you what: just watch the videos.

More Resources for Humboldt Addicts

Professional Screening Tool
This handy intake form is designed for medical, social work and pastoral providers to determine if their clients may be Hooked On Humboldt.

Hooked On Humboldt Store
Be proud of your addiction! Shop for your official Hooked On Humboldt garments and gear today! These items make great gifts, too.

Humboldt Tourism Website
We provide this link for Humboldt addicts who have no intention of quitting! Here's your source to score the good stuff. Guess that makes us Humboldt pushers.

Can't stay away from Humboldt County? Here are resources, news and ideas to help you cope.

Are you obsessed with spending time in Humboldt County, California’s Redwood Coast?
Have you ever called in sick to extend your visit to Humboldt?  Are thoughts of Humboldt intruding into your daily life, affecting your work, family and social obligations?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you may be Hooked on Humboldt. But don’t despair--you are not alone and help is out there! There are thousands of otherwise perfectly normal people who have learned to cope with this powerful addiction and gone on to live happy, productive lives. It all begins with accurate information and the courage to admit that you are Hooked on Humboldt.

On this website you will find a variety of resources to help you recognize and live with an addiction to Humboldt. If you suspect you have a problem, see how many of these 50 Warning Signs apply to you. Our list of 25 Attractions to Avoid will help you resist Humboldt's sweet siren call. If you're not yet hooked but feel you are vulnerable, consult the list of 10 Gateway Experiences. Still have questions? Chances are they're addressed in Ask Dr. Humboldt. There's strength in numbers, and we hope you'll share your story in our support group, the Humboldt Anonymous Forum.

Know this: there are people who care and there is every reason to hope.